FSB blocks Telegram messenger in Russia


The websites of Telegram web.telegram.org and t.me are included in the register of information banned for dissemination in Russia . This was officially announced by Roskomnadzor, the internet safety agency. The reason for this is the refusal of the developers of the instant messaging service to provide the FSB with encryption keys . At the same time, the developer of the system Pavel Durov stressed that it is physically impossible to provide keys for encryption, since they do not have them.

The Moscow court granted the decision today.

The St Petersburg metro bomber of 2017 is said to have communicated via Telegram, given the special services have no access to it.


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The Kremlin has not yet found a replacement for Telegram , and the Russian Foreign Ministry has already started using Viber instead . The Advisor to the President of Russia Herman Klimenko joked that everyone should just go back to using ICQ.

Source Vesti
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