FULL SITREP: DPR – Ukraine attempts to provoke full scale response


Fort Russ publishes a complete summary of the military situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic over the past day as a result of today’s briefing by the deputy commander of operations,  Eduard Basurin.

The situation on the battle line remains tense.

Over the past day in the Donetsk area Ukrainian occupation forces shelled the districts of eight settlements. The enemy fired 60 mines from mortars of various caliber, and also fired from the arms of infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers and small arms.

Five settlements were attacked in the Gorlovsky area. During the shelling, mortars of 82 mm caliber, BMP armament, grenade launchers and small arms were used.

In the Mariupol area, the enemy fired at areas of five settlements, firing 80 minuntes from mortars of various calibres, and also used BMP armament.

As a result of shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, two housing constructions and an electrical substation in the city were damaged. Likewise in Dokuchaevsk, in addition, neat the city of Donetsk  three houses were destroyed in the Kominternovo.

The Ukrainian punitive forces did not stop there and continued shelling the settlements of the Republic since  morning. So, as a result of shelling in Dokuchaevsk, multiple fragment wounds were received by Valery Prokopenko, and as a result of the shelling of the village of Zaitsevo, citizen Moskalets Anatoly Nikolayevich was killed.


Also, during the restoration work on the DFS in the presence of representatives of the OSCE mission, the soldiers of the Armed Forces, despite the security guarantees provided, opened fire from small arms.

I would like to note that the Ukrainian leadership is doing its utmost to resume the active phase of the fighting in the Donbass, resulting in this week injured nine civilians and one died.

In just one day Ukrainian gangs violated the truce 36 times.

According to our data, a group of foreign inspectors who arrived in the ATO zone on April 15 is the main reason for the worsening of the situation on the contact line.

So, the tasks set by the NATO leadership to the representatives of Canada, Norway, Denmark were not only familiarization with the situation in the southeast of Ukraine and the issues of providing lethal weapons, but also the direct coordination of the provocative firing of the APU on the line of combat contact.

Usually, for safety requirements, foreigners closer than 4-5 km to the front were not allowed. However, in fact, foreign instructors from NATO, under the protection of the special forces of the Armed Forces, participated in the control and distribution of weapons and tasks to Ukrainian units.

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Earlier, we repeatedly recorded “theatrical productions,” when during mortar shelling of settlements of our Republic, the positions of Ukrainian militants experienced powerful gaps, with the complete absence of mortar and artillery fire from our side.

It is noteworthy that after the appearance of such “fake combat” you can determine the movement of a foreign commission in the zone of occupation.

So, on April 17th the commission worked in the Gorlovsky area, and on the same day the settlements Gorlovka, Zaitsevo and Shirokaya Balka were subjected to mortar and artillery shelling.

And on April 20th the commission was in the districts of Granitnoe and Shirokino. On the same day, the settlements of our Republic – Leninskoye and Sakhanka – were subjected to massive mortar shelling.

Yesterday, as a result of shelling by the APU, two buildings and an electrical substation in the town of Dokuchaevsk were damaged. Today, a civilian, a man of 1956, was also wounded there.

And these destruction and sacrifices serve only to generate acute impressions and reports on the successful provocations of Colonel François Kasolith, the inspection chairman from Canada and his countryman Major Owen Bradbury, who arrived in the so-called Anti-terrorist operation zone for the second time as part of such an inspection.

In any case, because of these provocations of the AUF with the participation of NATO instructors or for media coverage of Ukraine and foreign countries by reporters, civilians are suffering and perishing.

To show off, Ukrainian terrorists shoot from large-caliber artillery and mortars. They provoke us by shooting sniper rifles on civilians of our Republic at the crossing points.

Currently, we are collecting accusatory factual materials for consideration by the investigative bodies of the Republic on the initiation of a criminal case on the complicity of NATO soldiers in war crimes, and referring them to international courts, including the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Ukrainian and NATO gangsters do not understand one thing, that their ceaseless bloody show will end and there will come a time when we stop hoping for international courts and arrange our own – a righteous trial, when no criminal will escape punishment!

Zaitsevo, Anatoly Moskalets killed.

rusvesna, translated by J. Flores
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