German town celebrates Karl Marx’s 200th birthday by capitalizing on him

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TRIER, Germany – Karl Marx’s hometown Trier has chosen to honor the founder of communism’s 200th birthday by selling a Karl Marx zero-euro banknote, as a short film made on Friday showed.

In what must surely be a homage to Marx’s sworn enemy capitalism, the town’s tourist office has decided to sell a fake zero-euro banknote of Marx at a price of €3 ($3.63). The special edition note has already attracted interested from Russia, China and even Australia. In total, there will be more than 30 other items of memorabilia on sale.

“Four exhibitions will be held on his life, his influence, his works and the times of Karl Marx at the Rhineland state museum, at the city museum and at the Karl Marx House,” said Norbert Kaethler, Managing Director of Trier Tourism.

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Trier will also celebrate the philosopher’s life by accepting a bronze sculpture of Marx donated by the Chinese government and installing traffic lights which depict Marx.

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