Greek origin of Erdogan? What does a Turkish researcher say?

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ANKARA, Turkey – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is allegedly of Greek origin according to reports that surface from time to time.

According to an earlier article on the site, Turkish researchers have discovered that Erdogan has a Greek background, from the village of Potamia in Rizounda, Pontus on Turkey’s Black Sea coast. This, in fact, used his political opponent to hurt him in the previous elections.

Analytically according to the publication:

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a televised interview on the NTV Channel, on June 10, 2011, in a related question about his origins, spoke in an insulting and derogatory manner about his Greek origins, saying the phrase that is customary to be called when the word devil, ie ‘the out of here’, whenever he spoke the word Rum (Greek).

Pope’s Taylor
Turkish researchers discovered that Erdogan is of Greek origin, from the village of Potamia, Rizounda, Pontus.

Researcher Cezmi Yurtsever reports that with the Pontifical Islamization of Pontus from Hellenism. At the same time, the demographic character of Pontus changed, altering the Greek names of villages and cities with Turkish. As he says, although so many years have passed since Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who conquered the Pontus by slashing the Greek population and with firman (decree) changed the names, but even until now the inhabitants of Pontos use the Greek names of their villages.

Erdogan, on a recent tour of the Rizounda region (the name given by the Turks of Rizounda is RIZE), also visited the village of his parents, Potamia. In the square of the village a large banner reads ‘Potamya Hos Geldiginiz’, that is Potamia welcomes you. He got off the bus, danced with his home people that were dressed in Pontic traditional costumes and in his speech said that an expatriate from Potamia, when visiting his village, calls it with the traditional name Potamia and not with the Turkish name that is ‘Guneysu’ (southern water).

This video with the reception of Erdogan in Potamia was used by the leader of the Nationalist Party, Devlet Bahceli, in the election campaign to hurt Erdogan for being of Greek descent.

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He finds himself in the archive

The Turkish researcher, in support of his find, quotes evidence from the Ottoman Empire’s tax records for the inhabitants of Potamia village and found the details of the Erdogan grandfather, that he was the head of a guerrilla group of Greeks in the Pontus against the Turkish conquerors . The epithet of Erdogan’s grandfather was Bakedoglu Memis. The tax book in the national origin column wrote the word ‘Islamized’ and in the column name the new Islamic name.

The archive is in 1850 and it seems that Erdogan’s grandfather was the richest because all the villagers paid taxes of 20-30 crowns each and Erdogan’s grandfather paid 38 prunes. The family changed their surname in 1934 because the word ‘Bakat’, who was the family’s surname, was considered to be absurd because all Greek guerrillas were called ‘Bakat’. In Pontus, therefore, this word had the meaning of a Greek rebel, a rebel against the Turks.

T / s Ε.Α.

Generosity Syndrome
Erdogan’s parents left their village Potamia and settled in a poor neighborhood of Istanbul in Kasim Pasa, which is now infamous. Erdogan was born in Kasim on February 29, 1954. In his interview with NTV, the Turkish leader said he is and feels a Turk, and will go to court on writers who refer him as Greek.

Erdogan is like all the current inhabitants of the Pontus who, while knowing they are of Greek descent, are possessed by the generosity syndrome and want to prove in practice that they are more Turks than the rest. For this reason, the Nationalist Party of Devlet Bahceli has the most formal organizations in the occupied Pontus. Generosity syndrome has all the characteristics of a child of an unknown father who is phobic, insecure, has irrational explosions of anger, impressing, vengeful and compulsive.

Translated from Live. 

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