Head of Pentagon holds off strike on Syria

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The head of the Pentagon, James Mattis, proposed not to rush into a military attack on Syria, sources told The New York Times.

According to Mattis, the bombing, designed to stop the killing of innocent people, can provoke a conflict between Russia and Iran.

“If we look at the situation at the strategic level, how can we keep the situation from exacerbation? If you understand what I mean,” he said.

The minister called for waiting on new evidence to be received that the government attacked the Syrian city of Duma in a chemical attack. With the new data, it will be easier to convince the Allies of the need for bombing, Mattis believes.

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In the evening of April 6, the Syrian troops began to liberate the city of the Duma from militants. Later, it was reported that a chlorine bomb had been dropped. Trump accused Syrian government troops, Russia and Iran – in support of the “animal”. The US, together with its allies, promised to respond to this “aggression”.

The Russian ambassador to Lebanon  said that Moscow would shoot down all missiles and any sources of fire if US forces were used. Donald Trump, in turn, urged Russia to  prepare  for a military strike.

Source Ruposters
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