How a Donbass tank fooled all by flying Ukrainian flag


A well-known militiaman Gennady Dubovoi has written an article in honor of the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the Battle for Slavyansk.

“April 12 – four years ago – the battle began on Cosmonautics Day. Symbolically.

April 12, 2014 – the starting point of a new Russian history, Russia has returned to its geopolitical and civilizational space” – he writes.

“Events in Slavyansk were covered by all the world’s leading media. Books will be written and movies made for years to come. Russia has learned about thousands of heroes whose feats are equal to the accomplishments of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. But. As in any war, many names went unnoticed, for they did not aspire to fame, they did their duty honestly, without thinking of glory and rewards. One of these heroes is in the photo. Born and raised in Slavyansk – tankman, gunner, model fighter. Callsign – “Phantom”.

It was he and his crew in the midst of the battles on the front line of  Slavyansk defense – near the village of Semyonovka, that made a significant break through. They utilised what seem like a simple trick – they installed the Ukrainian flag atop their tank and bravely, rolled directly to the checkpoint of the Ukrainian army.

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“Glory to heroes!” – their occupiers welcomed. The Donbass-led tank responded “Glory to Russian heroes!” and, barging in, began direct fire on the enemy, so that barely anything was left from the roadblock and the dozens of soldiers stationed there.

Later, in July in 2014, pulling out a dying comrade from a damaged tank, Phantom was gravely wounded. For a long time he could not walk or talk, he hardly knew his left hand from his right. Today,  thanks to the physicians of Russian hospitals, he walks, his speech – albeit slowly – is being restored. 

In the wars imposed on us, we have won before and we will win again thanks to the likes of  “Phantom” – simple Russian peasants, who, in fact, are more courageous than all the Hollywood-made pirates put together.”


Source Rusvesna
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