“If I govern, away with these absurd sanctions” – Matteo Salvini

Headline appeal: Get rid of the sanctions against Moscow
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Rome. Corriere Della Sera reports:

Salvini: «If I am in charge, it’s away with the sanctions against Russia» The leader of the League responds via Twitter to the appeal launched by the president of Confindustria Russia: “They are causing incalculable damage to the Italian economy”

The appeal was launched by the president of Confindustria, in an interview with Libero. Ernesto Ferlenghi turns directly to Matteo Salvini to demand that sanctions against Moscow be eliminated. «Italian companies can not continue to lose tens of billions for potential orders and market shares, adopting a system of economic sanctions that is putting a strategic partnership between us and Russia in crisis, a partnership which has lasted for over 60 years», he says  The League leader replies, promising on Twitter: “I hope to be able soon, from the government, to welcome the appeal: Away with these absurd sanctions that are causing incalculable damage to the Italian economy”.

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The crisis

The words of Ferlenghi fit into a scenario made even more complex by a diplomatic war between the European Union and the country led by Putin. Dozens of Russian political representatives were expelled from London because of the death, by poisoning, of a former spy Sergey Skripal and daughter Yulia, who lived in Britain. In linkage, London has been followed by other governments, including Italy. And the Kremlin responded accordingly. On March 30, diplomats were expelled from 23 countries, including ours. And first it was the turn of the United States: 60 American citizens repatriated by the Federation. Meanwhile, the council of the European Union has extended until September

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