In a high security prison, meet the doctor who helped locate bin Laden

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ATHENS, Greece – A Pakistani doctor who was assisted by the CIA to locate and kill Osama bin Laden, as was known today from well-informed sources, was transferred to the highest security prison.

“Shahil Afridy was transferred,” a source told a French News Agency, adding that “intelligence officials carried him safely late on Thursday night to an unknown location.”

JAMIL AFRIDI, his physician’s brother, has confirmed that government officials have told him that Shahil is now in “a safer place.” This information was confirmed by his lawyer, Kamar Nadim.

Dr. Afridy, 50, had organized a fake hepatitis C vaccination campaign to confirm that bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaida, was in the city of Abidabad. Bin Laden was killed on May 2, 2011 by US Special Forces men in a raid they carried out at his home in this Pakistani city.

The impressive US operation was considered “embarrassing” for Pakistan and left deep stresses in the country’s relationship with the US while complicating the doctor’s case. Afridy was arrested shortly after the Pakistani authorities and was tried with the category of interconnections with extremist organizations. He was initially sentenced to 33 years in prison and then his sentence was reduced to 23 years.

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According to Nadim, his client spent most of the day in isolation, in a small cell.

During his election campaign, Donald Trump had said he would ask for the doctor to be released. “I’m sure they will release him. Because we are giving great (economic) assistance to Pakistan,”he had said at the time, causing the wrath of the Pakistani authorities. The former Interior Minister even described him as “ignorant” saying that “the Pakistani government, not Donald Trump,” will decide on the fate.

Washington’s relations with Islamabad have been worsening since then, with the US blaming Pakistan for offering shelter to extremist organizations.

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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