Is Kosovo a protectorate of Turkey in the Balkans? The puppets of Erdogan

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ATHENS, Greece – Strong reactions have been sparked in the Kosovo Parliament following the recent incident with the kidnapping of the six Turkish teachers of the Mehmet Akif college, funded by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s sworn enemy, Fetoulah Gullen.

In particular, the Turkish secret services, MIT (Milli Istihbarat Teshkilat), in cooperation with the state secret services of Kosovo, organized the arrest and subsequent illegal export of the 6 in Turkey. The teachers stayed legally in Kosovo where they taught. They were not given the opportunity neither to defend their rights nor to seek asylum. Their luck is prescribed. Life-long ties and torture.

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj hastened to state that the whole operation took place without his knowledge, and for that reason the Interior Minister and the head of the secret service of the country ceased to be responsible for their duties. “Both were stopped because of the arrests that have taken place,” said a senior government official.

But the ignorance invoked by both President Hashim Thaci and the prime minister is treated with caution and suspicion. Domestic media considers Erdogan’s two puppet leaders to be fighting against his “Gulenists” rivals. Investigations into the circumstances of the incident are ongoing.

This event should awaken the West as well as Greece in terms of Erdogan’s influence in the Balkans. As Gazeta Express writes, “Kosovo is the birthplace of the West. Thanks to the contribution of the democratic states, Kosovo can call itself a state “and continues by saying that” at the time of the persecution of the political dissidents who were termed as terrorists by Serbia, the West provided asylum to anyone at risk…”

“It is an unforgivable mistake of the current leadership of Kosovo that in the first 10 years of constitution of the free state to deliver six teachers because the Turkish sultan considers them terrorists!”

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The leadership of Kosovo must decide whether it wants a European course of the country, based on democratic principles and human rights. Blind obedience to authoritarian regimes such as that of Turkey jeopardizes the stability of the wider region.

Greece needs to be on hand for everything. Let us not forget that there are Turkish soldiers who have asked for asylum and Erdogan is willing to do everything to get them. The Turkish secret service MIT is considered one of the best in the world with a large spy network.

Such a business would irretrievably hurt Greece’s image, as was the case with the Kurdish leader Ocalan’s kidnapping by the Turkish secret service.

Translated from Hellas Journal.

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