Julia Skripal’s boyfriend, dog missing in Russia


The crew of “Vesti” News Channel managed to interview Julia Skripal’s neighbors in Moscow, and the investigators in Russia.

“The girl left in a taxi, passed through the airport metal detector at the entrance, and then, already with the boarding pass in hand – went to the gate. This footage from Sheremetyevo airport was the last, on which it is certain – it was Julia Skripal. The video was published by Russian investigators, who traced the entire path of the girl from Moscow to Salisbury.

Julia Skripal was infected with the poisonous substance on the airplane to the United Kingdom-  this is the version of the British authorities. But the Investigative Committee refused this version of what happened. 

The investigators found that none of the passengers flying the same flight had signs of toxicity. The same with the taxi driver who took Julia to the airport.

In addition, during the investigation it was possible to establish Yulia Skripal’s work place in Russia and all of her friends. Julia owns a a two-bedroom apartment in Moscow where, according to neighbors, she was planning a renovation. That is, she never planned to leave Russia for good.

“There were some repair works recently. Also, a dog was howling, that’s all I know.” – “a dog was howling? asks the journalist.  “Well, it was left alone there for a while,” Julia’s neighbour said.

Around the time that Julia disappeared – her partner Stepan was also no where to be seen, and hasn’t been since.

“She’s gone, he’s gone, no dog, no one”, – said Tatyana Yakovleva, another neighbour.

Boyfriend, apartment, a job, a dog – many reasons to return to Russia in the near future, it seems. But British tabloids report the opposite – the girl wanted to ask for asylum in the UK. The reliability of information provided by the British side,  makes no sense. Britain embarked on a slippery path, trying to hide the truth in the case of the Skripals.

“We first asked the main question, the key question to the head of the OPCW mission – is it really, as the British say, based on the results of the independent expertise carried out by OPCW experts, that we can judge the country of origin, the toxic chemical used, and we got an absolutely clear unambiguous answer – this is not possible, “said Alexander Shulgin, Russia’s permanent representative to the OPCW.

The position was changed several times by the presence of a toxic chemical BZ, founds in samples from Salisbury. Information about this was provided by a Swiss laboratory on confidential terms, to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

The investigation continues.


Source Vesti
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