Kemerovo governor resigns, pays out compensation to families of deceased


President of Russia Vladimir Putin has thanked Aman Tuleyev for many years’ work, the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov said. In the morning, Tuleyev filed for early resignation. This decision the ex-governor considered the only correct one after the Kemerovo fire in the shopping center “Winter Cherry”.

Tuleyev reported that it is impossible to work with the burden of this fire tragedy in his region, on his watch.

Tuleyev has headed the Kemerovo region since 1997. He appealed to the president asking for early resignation – his term was originally until 2020. The president accepted the resignation, temporarily appointing acting governor Sergei Tsivilev, who is deputy head of the region.

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The fire in the four-story shopping center “Winter Cherry” in Kemerovo occurred on March 25. As a result of the fire, 64 people died, 41 of them were children.  The 73-year-old Tuleyev failed to come to the scene of the tragedy in wake of its occurrence. This caused a flurry of criticism.

At the same time, families of 59 of 64 people who died in the fire have received financial assistance. The work continues with the rest, said the vice-governor of the Kemerovo region, Igor Malakhov. The amount of payment is 5 million rubles for each deceased person ($87,000 USD). Injured victims will be paid separately – around 800 thousand rubles for average to severe injuries (around $3,500 USD).

Source Vesti
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