Key Saudi jihadist cleric yet again survives assassination attempt in Idlib

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IDLIB, Syria – Saudi preacher Abdullah al-Muhaisni survived an assassination attempt on him in the countryside of Idlib in Syria’s northwest.

The agency “Aba” of the “liberation of the Sham” on Friday reported that Muhaisni escaped an assassination attempt, after an explosive device targeted his car near Sarakib in the countryside Idlib.

Sources from Idlib told said that Muhaisni was injured during the bombing.

Activists circulated a picture they said was the car of the Saudi preacher who broke free from the “Sham Liberation” and appeared armored against shocks.

Muhaisni was previously injured by the bombing and fighting in northern Syria, and said he was suffocated by the chemical attack on Khan Sheikoun in early April last year.

Muhaisni is a Saudi preacher who came to Syria in early 2013 and is one of the most prominent preachers of the Islamic factions in Syria, and he stands out against his position against the Islamic state.

Idlib province witnessed large-scale assassinations yesterday, involving civilians and military in different parts of the region.

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The assassination attempt came after he proposed eight solutions to control and maintain security in Idlib.

He called for agreement on a unified civil administration under one umbrella, requiring each of the editor to issue electronic registered IDs, as well as requiring vehicles to produce registered plates.

He also proposed “to prevent the rental of any apartment without identity and ascertain the tenant, and provide barriers to electronic devices reveal identity fraud.”

In addition to “providing mobile devices with complete information about wanted persons, distributing cameras on important areas, and issuing a decision to criminalize any identity fraud and impose the most severe penalties on the forgery.”

Muhaisni previously served as a legitimate official in the Liberation of the Sham, and survived an assassination attempt in June 2017, carried out by a suicide bomber who blew himself up in front of the Abu Dhar al-Ghafari mosque in the center of Idlib.

Translated from Enab Balidi.

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