Lavrov blasts those trying to demonize Russia over Skripal case

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MOSCOW, Russia – Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in Moscow on Thursday that deliberate provocations are being made in the political arena to demonize Russia.

Speaking at the International Security conference, Lavrov said the spy poisoning case was “a pretext, either made up or staged, for the groundless expulsions of diplomats”.

He also said that Britain’s refusal to allow Russia access to the investigation is “a mockery of international law, diplomatic etiquette and elementary decency.”

Touching the issue of Russia-NATO relations, Lavrov stressed that Moscow was troubled by US attempts to lower nuclear threshold.

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“In the sphere of strategic stability Washington attaches priority to gaining military supremacy and upsetting parity,” he said.

The VII Conference on International Security in Moscow started on Saturday and is set to last until Sunday evening with delegations from 95 countries, including 30 defense ministers and 15 chiefs of general staff attending the event. Topics for discussion include issues of global and regional security.

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