Lavrov tells the West to “end childish game”

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MOSCOW, Russia – Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed on Monday that it is not up to Russia how much relations deteriorate with the West.

“How far we might go doesn’t depend on us,” Lavrov emphasized. “In diplomacy, the principle of reciprocity exists and is still in force. This principle will be consistently employed.”

“We don’t want to follow suit by playing such childish games, but right now our partners are engaging specifically in this,” the top Russian diplomat added.

“The situation is worse compared to the classical Cold War since some sort of rules were in force at that time and some decency was in place,” Lavrov claimed.

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“Today, our Western partners, and I first of all refer to the Great Britain, the United States and some other countries, which are blindly guided by them, put all of their decency aside and resort to bold lies and fake news,” Lavrov stated.

“Our responses to all of this are calm and weighted as we keep insisting that all accusations and allegations must be backed with the facts,” the minister said.

“With the obvious lack of facts, they begin taking it out on diplomats, whose primarily tasks are to maintain relations, to ease complicated situations and to search for the ways to settle difficulties,” according to Lavrov. “They are reducing opportunities for such dialogue by expelling diplomats under false pretexts.”


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