Locals in Poland react to vandalism of Soviet army monument

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WARSAW, Poland – People came to inspect a monument to Soviet soldiers, in Warsaw, on Sunday morning, after it was defaced with red paint the previous day.

The monument is dedicated to Soviet Soldiers that died in the battle to liberate the Praga district of Poland from Nazis in the Autumn of 1944.

According to reports, the attackers were activists of the ‘Confederation of Independent Poland’. Police were present when the monument was splashed with paint, however, they did not intervene. One activist Eugeniusz Szostak said that “We believe that the monuments of the Soviet army, which allegedly liberated Poland, have no reason to exist in the Polish public space.”

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The monument, unveiled on September 15, 1946, reads, “Eternal glory to the heroes of the Red Army who fell in battles for the liberation of the Polish capital of Warsaw.”

In October 2017, the Polish government adopted a law on ‘decommunisation’, which is intended to regulate the removal and demolition of monuments deemed to “praise the Communist regime.”

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