Macron states – “I am Putin’s equal”


Emmanuel Macron said that he considers himself  “even” to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Maсron shared this thought after a Sunday interview with the French media. According to him, France struck Syria in order to make Putin remember the existence of France.

At the same time, the head of the republic expressed his confidence that such a step would eventually lead to the establishment of peace in this country.

Macron gave the  interview to the head of RMC radio Jean-Jacques Burden and the head of Médiapart, an analytical Internet publication.

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According to Burden, President Mcron, talking about Russia with his wife, who was also present at the meeting, said: “I am the equal of Putin, and Putin, by the way, understands me, and I decided to strike Syria in order to remind of the the idea that we too are involved in this, and he understands such things, this is a decision that will lead to peace in Syria. ”

This belongs in the same category as Australia’s Tony Abbott, vowing to “shirtfront” Putin back in 2014. (An act of charging into an opponent’s chest, translation from Aussie.) Abbott was fired from his post in 2015.


Source Pravda
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