Macron: We should not look weak on Putin

Macron responds to Trump with tweets
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Washington, The United States of America – French President Emmanuel Makron described Russian President Vladimir Putin as “a very strong man” today, stressing that “we should never show our weaknesses” before him, at a time when tensions in the relations between the West and Moscow have reached at an unprecedented level.

Putin “is a very powerful man, a powerful president,” said Makron in an interview with Fox News, the American television network. This interview was broadcast today, on the eve of a formal visit by the French leader to Washington.

“I believe that we should never show weakness to President Putin, and when you are weak, he feels it,” he added.

“He is strong and smart, but not naive,” he continued, judging that his Russian counterpart is “obsessed with interventions in our republics.” “He is speaking everywhere, I mean in Europe and the US, to destabilize democracies, because he thinks it is good for his country,” he explained.

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Putin wants a great Russia, people are proud of his politics, he is too hard with minorities and with his opponents he has a notion of democracy that is not my own, “continued Makron, clarifying that he has contacts with him.

“I respect him, I admit it, I am clear,” he concluded.

Translated from Sigma Live.

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