Maduro: Let Trump know that Nicolas Maduro is president by decision of the Venezuelan people

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TUCUPITA, Venezuela – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro addressed the crowds in an campaign rally in Tucupita on Tuesday ahead of the upcoming presidential elections in May.

“Let Donald Trump know, let him [Juan Manuel] Santos know and let the world know: rain, shine or lightning, the people of Venezuela are going to elections on Sunday, May 20 and the president is Nicolas Maduro Moros, by decision from the people,” Maduro said.

This comes after Marco Rubio openly announced that the United States should interfere in Venezuela.

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“While the United States and our partners have repeatedly condemned the Maduro regime and demanded an end to the crisis, we must now follow our words with decisive actions. It is time for the region’s democratic nations to work together and hasten Maduro’s exit from power,” he said in a piece on CNN.

Emphasis must be made that he has called regional states to “hasten Maduro’s exit from power.”

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