MAJOR: Russian television advises viewers how to prepare a bomb shelter as tensions run high with US over Syria

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MOSCOW, Russia – Yesterday, Russian State television advised viewers to remain calm, but also how to prepare their bomb shelter in case war breaks out with the United States over events in Syria.

A part of the transcript follows:

“While political and military experts discuss a possible scenario, some people are in a rush to create hysteria. But not in Syria, rather, in Russia.

If you browse through social networks and Telegram channels, you’ll see a lot of this. They post about World War Three, and that we must prepare for it.

Our Ukrainian colleagues are doing their best, too. They quote Yuri Biryukov, Petr Poroshenko’s adviser. They say that Moscow is initiating a global conflict, and the consequences may be catastrophic. This is normal behavior for the Kiev psych ward.

We wonder if Russians believe this nonsense. They’re advised by anonymous and not-so-anonymous fear mongers to start looking for spots in a bomb shelter and start storing matches, buckwheat, and salt. But judging from the lack of lines in stores to buy nails and canned goods, they don’t believe it.

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However, if some people did give in to the panic, and decided to spend all their savings on a survival kit, we’ll tell you how to not waste money on something you won’t need.”

Despite the calls for calm, things are probably more tense in Russia as Donald Trump has directly threatened Russia through a Tweet. Details of this can be found here.

Watch the video below with Russian subtitles.

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