MAP: East Ghouta completely cleared of terrorist forces


EAST GHOUTA, Syria – The entirety of the East Ghouta pocket to the east of Damascus city center has officially been completely cleared of all terrorist forces operating in the region.

The operation began less than a month and a half ago, effectively bringing a quick victory to pro-government forces against what was meant to be one of the most fortified and powerful terrorist-held regions of Syria.

The most significant advantage the conclusion of this battle has brought to the Syrian Army is the availability of at least 10,000 soldiers, as well as tanks and artillery pieces, to be redeployed to other fronts in Syria.

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In addition to this, civilians in Damascus are much safer as they now no longer have to contend with daily shelling from terrorist positions.

Effectively, Damascus is now mostly cleared from terrorists, besides those operating in the South Damascus districts of Qadam and the al-Yarmouk Camp that is primarily occupied by ISIS. Operations to clear South Damascus are set to begin in the coming days.

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