Martyrdom of Yemen’s Al Sammad exposes Saudi, US motives

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By Jay Tharappel

The President of Yemen’s National Salvation Government Saleh Al Sammad was martyred on the 19th of April, last Thursday, while inspecting the frontline.

Unlike the “President” who Saudi Arabia, the United states, and their wealthy Gulf allies claim to be bombing Yemen on behalf of, Al Sammad actually lived in the Yemeni capital Sana’a, and presided over a national unity government that calls on all Yemeni political parties, including Islah, the Muslim Brotherhood, to unite and resist the genocidal aggression starving millions.

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The last we heard of the so-called “President of Yemen” Abdurrab Mansour Hadi was that he was under house arrest in Riyadh, and has been refused the right to leave. It is clear to everyone with a brain and conscience that Saudi Arabia has an imaginary friend when they claim to be helping the “Yemeni government” fight against the “Houthis” who in turn are presented as an alien force backed by Iran.

This is a cruel lie. Getting anything into Yemen is next to impossible because of the Saudi blockade, and more importantly, all factions involved in resisting the aggression are Yemenis. Ansarullah do not want to govern Yemen, their take-over of Sana’a in September 2014 was against the fragmentation of Yemen under a weak non-entity of a President who won an election with only his name on the ballot.

Who helps Saudi Arabia impose this blockade? The Anglo-American alliance, including Australia, which helps Saudi Arabia perform naval exercises that serve to strengthen the genocidal blockade, and sells weapons to Saudi Arabia alongside the other Anglo regimes, namely the UK, and Canada.

The Saudis have never wanted Yemen to become an independent nation because of their own insecurities about the legitimacy (or lack thereof) of their state. “Saudi” Arabia represents the hegemony of Nejd where the Al Saud family hails from, over Hejaz, the eastern provinces where the Shia are ruthlessly persecuted for simply demanding democracy, and Najran, which is northern Yemen, a piece of territory occupied by the Saudis when they established their regime with help from the British.

Saudi Arabia fears that an independent Yemen, because of its strategic position at a choke-point of global trade, free to develop in its own way, will force them to behave themselves instead carrying on their reckless policies of funding extremist death-squads across the region to compensate for the reality that their power, and that of their US imperialist backers is crumbling.


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Jay Tharappel – is a political commentator and activist based in Sydney, Australia. Jay has written, agitated, and spoken publicly against the aggression being waged on Syria, Yemen, among others. He was educated at Usyd.
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