Neo-liberal policy causes ‘regress’ in Latin America – former Brazilian President


PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil – Former Presidents of Ecuador and Brazil Rafael Correa and Dilma Rousseff discussed a positive impact on the decrease of poverty and starvation in Brazil made by the social-democratic forces in the times of their leadership, during an interview broadcast on RT in Porto Alegre on Thursday.

Rafael Correa praised Dilma Rousseff’s State merits and embedded her in the ranks of “the three great Latin-American women who used to lead the three biggest countries of the region.”

He said that the Latin-American countries experienced “renaissance period” when they were governed by the socialist leaders.

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“These times were special for our region but, unfortunately, these times are passing. The tendency towards the conservatism’s revival is emerging. And now we have to listen to accusations, we all who refused to obey North America’s hegemony, who were supporting united South America pursuing an independent and dignified policy which, first and foremost, served the interests of the majority,” regretted Correa.

Having raised “the fight against famine and poverty” as the main issue of the conversation, both ex-presidents sought to find out the underlying causes behind poverty in Latin America.

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