North and South Korea may unite -Kim Jong-un

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A historic meeting was held on the Korean peninsula, which was watched by the whole world. Leaders of North and South Korea held the first negotiations in 11 years. A lot was expected from the summit, but its results surpassed the most daring hopes. Kim Jong-un said that soon both Koreas could unite.

Over four thousand journalists from all over the world gathered to cover the inter-Korean summit. The South Koreans took an unprecedented step – they turned the largest exhibition complex in Seoul into a huge press center and the summit was broadcast live on giant screens.

“Now there will be no hostile actions – neither in the sea, nor on land, nor in the air,” said President of the Republic of Korea.  “Today, Chairman Kim Jong-un and I confirmed that our common goal is to rid the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons as a result of complete de-nuclearization. ”

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“North and South Korea are not enemies who must fight each other,” said Kim Jong-un, chairman of the DPRK state council, “We are relatives of common blood. North and South Korea, in which one language, history and culture, can live in eternal prosperity. ”


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