Opposing “Attila III” in Cyprus: Nicosia and Athens to change strategy

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ATHENS, Greece – Cyprus and Hellenism are faced with “Attila III “, as Turkey is determined to succeed in the policy of threats and extortion, that it did not succeed in 1964, 1974, 1983, 2004 – control of the Republic of Cyprus.

Turkey threatens that if there is no voluntary allegiance, it will attempt to demolish the Republic of Cyprus with a new “invasion.”  Although the challenges in the Aegean must not be downgraded, of course, nor will they, it is rather attributed to the pre-election needs of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkey and Erdogan, if they fail to reach a settlement soon, will use every means they have in order to prevent the Republic of Cyprus from exploiting its natural resources in the Mediterranean Sea, especially with Plan B ready and in this context threatens the abolition of the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus through Turkish drilling in Cypriot waters.

Turkey’s unilateral and piratical effort to put the Turkish Cypriots in control of the natural wealth of the Republic of Cyprus is the cleanest hitherto undermined attempts to resolve the Cyprus problem.

From the era of the previous occupation leader, Eroglu, with the submission of the well-known proposal to the UN (2012), it was clear that Ankara and Erdogan set as a priority the solution of the Cyprus problem in such a way that the new “federal” Cyprus is totally dependent on the attitudes of the Turkish side.

Particularly on the issue of hydrocarbons, which will be the responsibility of the Central State, Turkey, through its increasingly stifling influence on the Turkish Cypriots and in pursuing its invasive rights and the presence of a Turkish army on the island, seeks to control the hydrocarbons, sharing profits between “communities” and obligatory export of gas through a pipeline from Turkish territory.

Under these circumstances and with everything that has happened, the last time is extremely difficult for Mr Aginzi, to whom the Greek Cypriot side has been very much convinced, to persuade it to be guided by the interest of the Turkish Cypriots and not the strategic interests of Turkey. And so every approach is undermined as the suspicion and distrust between the two sides culminate.

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It is real absurd for Mr. Erdogan to ask for “co-operation” and “pooling” of the natural resources of the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriot community.

Any move to accept Erdogan’s extortion would in effect de facto lead to the self-abolition of the Republic of Cyprus, as it would mean denial of the exercise of a sovereign right and acceptance of the Turkish allegations of “… an illegal Greek Cypriot administration that does not represent the Republic of Cyprus” the legitimacy of the Turkish Cypriot community will require the consent of the Turkish Cypriot community.

In the light of these developments, Mr. Anastasiadis must avoid a new self-seizure in a previously undermined process, as it did in 2016. The absence of the necessary conditions set by Nicosia for reopening the talks should not be circumvented as it did before the Geneva talks, but before Kran Montaña.

Alliances are necessary and important steps have been taken in this chapter, but it is obvious that it is not enough on their own to offer a “shield” to the Republic of Cyprus. Nicosia and Athens have to seek new strategies to curb Turkish aggression, which is now uncontrollable and chooses unconventional ways to attempt to overthrow the status quo.

Translated from Hellas Journal.

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