Panic on live TV: Shock statements on Assad and Aleppo

Interviewers cling to Western line, interviewee Robert Lugar won't have it, drops truth bombs. From last year on Aleppo, relates with this year on Ghouta, Douma . . .


IoVspengo has this with Italian subtitles:
Panic on live TV: The interviewers try to stop SHOCK statements on the war in Syria.

Robert Lugar: But in Aleppo it is no longer a matter of civilians, but of 10,000 rebels.
PresseStunde:What fable are you talking?
RL: That the war in Syria was brought from outside with the intent to do a putsch against Assad. This is exactly what is going on there.
PS: You mean that what’s happening in Aleppo is not really happening? which is a fairy tale.
RL: It’s happening! But not as we are told by the media, that Assad strikes civilians.

PS: But people are dying.

RL: Of course, people are dying. …

PS: …political alliances, who against whom, confusion, human tragedy…

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RL: Death of people is always terrible. 3 million children die of hunger every year and it is just as terrible. But no one talks about it. And of course human beings die in war. That’s not the question. The question is: “Why are they dying?” Who got it going? “” Who provoked it?” To finish what I am saying, perhaps even the viewers also want to hear: In Syria the war is being fomented with the supply of arms and training. Training, think of it: The rebels who are shooting civilians are trained by the Americans. Among other things, this has also been written up in their newspaper articles. Then they tell us that when the Syrian army, helped by the Russians, tries to free civilians from an occupied city, where the rebels are holding civilians hostage as human shields, would this be an aggression against the population? But it’s exactly the opposite! The rebels have been defeated and now they come in, EU, France and others, and they want a UN resolution to protect the civilian population. But in Aleppo it’s not a question of civilians, but of 10,000 rebels. That is, we want to get the 10,000 rebels out so they can fight somewhere else against Assad. But think a little bit, we are getting a runaround and being led to believe that Assad is the bad guy, and he has to go. Yet the conflict continues to rise from outside behind 400,000 Syrians already killed, because the US, Saudi Arabia, and Europe have organized it.

PS: It’s a geopolitical question … very complicated …
RL: It’s not complicated at all: Gas field in the Persian Gulf, gas pipeline project that was supposed to cross Syria. Project rejected by Assad. It is comprensible.

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