PHOTOS: Kurdish militia forced to leave Sinjar, Yazidis give highest respect to them


SINJAR, Iraq – The Kurdish militant group known as the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), has been forced to leave the Sinjar area of northern Iraq under threat of a Turkish invasion.

The PKK first arrived in Sinjar to help rescue the Yazidi minority group from an ISIS-perpetrated genocide in 2014-15. This came after the rival Kurdish militant group, the Peshmerga, who have strong relations with Turkey, completely evacuated Sinjar leaving the Yazidis to be slaughtered by ISIS.

Now that Sinjar has been secured from ISIS thanks to the PKK who fought off the terrorist group, Turkey wants to continue its operation against the PKK that began with their invasion of Afrin in northwest Syria that was held by PKK-affiliated the People’s Protection Units (YPG).

As the PKK agreed to withdraw Sinjar to not battle the Turkish military, the Yazidi community lined the streets to hug and kiss the men and women who helped to rescue them from ISIS.

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