Porton Down: How the UK framed Russia [Video]

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What if everything you thought you knew – was the complete opposite? What if it isn’t Russia that produces the nerve agent Novichok (albeit invented by a Soviet-born scientist more than 2 decades ago); what if it is actually produced in Porton Down laboratory – a mere few kilometers from Salisbury, where the poisoning incident of the Skripals occurred?

This outtake shows that Russia is preparing not only for a possible chemical attack on Russia, but it is also aware of the possible development of biological weapons against its people. The story surrounding the Skripals, which happened a month ago – and Britain is yet to present a sample of the substance used – simply doesn’t add up. Russia states that it is in fact Britain that carried out an attack on two Russian citizens (albeit defectors) and pointed the finger at Russia. Despite the lack of substance – 18 EU states have expelled Russian diplomats in March, as well as Canada and the US, while Russia has followed through with mirrored measures.

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