Preposterous: Communist Party MP has richest wife of them all


The wife of the MP from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Alexander Nekrasov, has become the richest among the wives of parliamentarians. This data is drawn from declarations for 2017, published on the State Duma’s website on Friday.

Nekrasov’s wife’s income was 2.32 billion rubles ($38 million USD). At the same time, the income of Alexander Nekrasov for 2017 increased almost six times compared with the declaration for 2016. The deputy declared his own income of 29.85 million rubles (4.93 million rubles for 2016).

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It is suspected that politicians write off a portion of their income in their wive’s names, as it is unclear where such vast amounts of money come from (besides generated investments). Yet, the original source is a mystery for all.


Source RIA
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