Rapid developments in the Balkans: Albanians are preparing – Serbs move chariots on the border with Kosovo

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KOSOVO, Serbia – There have been developments in the Balkans, this is the reason given by the movements of Serbs and Russians so far. Movements that will surprise and catch many in bed. For 160,000 Albanian armed fighters speak of Serbian sources that can be mobilized at a time of war.

Serbian tanks and armored tanks begin to take battle points with a hub on April 20th.

Then the ten Serbian municipalities in Kosovo-Metohija merge into a state entity. If the Albanian authorities block it, we will have a direct war.

All the information so far shows that Albanians are preparing for something very big these days. This is the feeling that is diffused in many intelligence services in the Balkans.

Estimates show that in the area where a large Albanian armed population lives, there is the possibility for a military force of about 160,000 armed combatants to be deployed in four divisions:

Kosovo, FYROM, northern Greece and Montenegro.

They believe that in order to defeat Serbia, they must mobilize everyone as Kosovo has just 4,000 men and 2,500 reserves. Everyone has light weapons and Israeli Uzi, AG36, “Hekler & Hok”, M203.

Is there a new conflict in the Kosovo-Metohija region?

This question hangs from everyone’s lips, especially when the Albanian Special Forces (ROSU) totally secretly (their action of the so-called special forces in Kosovo was concealed), with the threat of weapons terrorizing the Serbs in northern Kosovo two days ago.

This situation is not at all accidental. We may also draw conclusions from the recent announcement issued by the US Embassy to its citizens one day after the incident.

The embassy informs them that if they find themselves in the next few days in Kosovo they should watch for terrorist acts because “extremists focus on tourist spots, shopping centers, bars, places of worship and other” easy targets “.

The Americans did not specify where they got such precise figures as “possible” attacks, and it remains unknown whether this information was shared with other services in countries in the region.

Let’s add to that all the reaction of the so-called Kosovo Prime Minister Ramos Haradinaj (former UCK war crimes indictee) to Serbia, that “Pristina’s patience is not unlimited”, compared with Serbian officials.

Serbian general sa Momir Stojanovic, a former director of the Security Agency, says two things (when it comes to Kosovo) are undoubtedly ….

a. that Haradinaj’s words should not be taken seriously … and

b. that there is nothing in Kosovo if there is no green light from America.

He adds that relations between the two main leaders of Kosovo, Thaci and Haradinaj have to be taken into account.

“Haradinaj was a warlord and considering that he is Kosovo’s prime minister, I fear he is guided by instincts that are dangerous. From its location it may endanger the safety situation. His threats are not frivolous. Whatever he says, it does, at the expense of the destabilization of all the Balkans,” Stojanovic says.

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In this case, it should be borne in mind that Haradinaj is making Germany’s “toys” but the question is whether in this case he is listening to any advice from Berlin, “he stresses.

On the other hand, Kosovo President Hashim Thaci, for whom Serbian General Stojanović stresses that he is the same extremist or “warm head” as Haradinaj, says he is a man of America.

“It gives great support to former KLA members, which makes it much more dangerous for peace and stability. On the other hand, America knows that the “Serbian list” (Serbs calling for the union of 10 municipalities in an entity) will not pass without the intervention of the so-called Kosovo Republic.

If the Serbian list does all that it really is preparing for April 20, my appreciation is that we will again have a new, wider crisis this time, “the Serbian general says.

According to him, we should not see the attitude of America only from the point of view of the events in Kosovo, but also from the fact that the American and Albanian interests are somehow in the Balkans.

Worldwide, he said, the United States is interested in the whole of the FYROM region, and within this context Albanians are their “Trojan horse” in the Balkans because the Americans use their desire for the unification of all Albanian lands.

“If there are any incidents, the UCK UCK cells in Kosovo, which have buried many weapons since the 1990s, will be activated.

Arms depots are in secret locations, with accurate lists of individual unit members, so it is easy for them to regain possession at any time.

Some estimates show that 160,000 armed men can be found under the arms, organized into four divisions:

Kosovo, FYROM, northern Greece and Montenegro.

If the West estimates it needs a crisis in this region, it can easily activate them, “Stojanovic said.

According to the operational plan, the barracks of northern Kosovo, the Albanians in Novi Pazar and Raska will cover ANA members stationed in the Katsanik area where, along with the US military from the Bondsteel base, they will control the Kosovo, FYROM and central Serbia, and part of Prizren.

We will jointly have a Third Balkan War in which we will have to take into account the Turks who are expecting this and that.

Most witnessed Albanians sent a video showing Serbian Army battle tanks in the city of Hani and near Gedelika to be transferred to the south of Serbia.

Serbia does not confirm the presence of battleships in the Preshevo valley or other parts of southern Serbia on the border with Kosovo, but the video itself speaks with the information that arrives.

No one is talking and there is no official information if it is a regular military vehicle movement or Serbia’s reaction to the tense situation with the Republic of Kosovo after being arrested in Marko Djuric a few days ago in Mitrovica.

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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