Russia blasts propagandists at the UN over the Skripal case

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NEW YORK CITY, The United States of America – The Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, Vasilli Nebenzia, has blasted members of the UN for their obvious disconnect from reality surrounding the Skripal poisoning case.

This came as the US Ambassador to the UN’s Economic and Social Council Kelley Eckels Currie claimed that UN Security Council member states ‘should not be fooled by Russia’s absurd efforts to dissemble from the facts’ of the Skripal case during a Security Council meeting in New York City on Thursday, while not being able to provide any actual facts.

Karen Pierce, the UK’s representative to the UN, also went onto say that the Russian proposals for a jointly investigate into the Skripal case resembles ‘an arsonist who wishes to investigate his own fire.

Nebenzia hit back saying that London was ‘overplaying’ the Skripal poising case and warned that it ‘will not end well.’

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Nebenzia also called the situation around the Skripal case handled by the United Kingdom “a theatre of the absurd.”

The reason for his comments is that the UK and allying states have been targeting Russia over the Skripal case, expelling tens of Russian diplomats, despite not being able to provide any evidence that Russia was responsible for the poisoning.

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