Russia helps kill Russians? Purchase of armaments by Ukraine continues

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The ambiguity of Moscow’s position towards Kiev does not cease to amaze. In the fourth year of the Civil War in Donbass, supplies of Russian components for the manufacture and repair of weapons and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) continue uninterruptedly.

The Kiev company “Vertolservis” in February 2018 won a tender for the delivery of rotor blades for helicopters, which are repaired at the Aviakon plant (Konotop city). This includes, among other things, military helicopters for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Ukrainian National Guard.

The problem is that Ukraine has never produced and is still unable to produce helicopter blades on its own. But they are regularly produced by Russia. Namely – “Ulan-Ude lopastnoy plant” (UULZ). The latter is part of the holding company “Russian Helicopters”, a component of the state corporation “Rostekh”. According to the “Federal News Agency”, in Ulan-Ude, the Kiev “VertolService” purchase components which their army is deficient in.

 Kiev purchases the blades through intermediary firms, one of which is headed by the son of the deputy “Ukroboronprom” Sergey Stetsenko . He is also one of the founders of VertolService. Stetsenko, Jr., as well as his business partner, Sergey Kirshin, confirmed the delivery of Russian-made blades to Aviakon.

It was useless to deny – the journalists had documents on their hands. According to the public procurement portal of Ukraine, since the summer of 2016 (when the civil war in the Donbass was already in full swing), Aviakon spent more than 100 million hryvnia (about $ 4 million USD) on equipment components.

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The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine also does not see anything shameful in such purchases. “If our guys need to bring something from the Russian Federation to fight with the Russian Federation – even better, it only elicits our respect,” said Sergei Pashinsky, chairman of the committee on national security and defense .

If anyone should be surprised at such a business, then first of all – the Russian state. It still takes the position “I can not see anything, I do not hear anything”. The manufacturers of helicopter blades from Buryatia are also silent.

This by no means is the only case of support for the APU by Russian industry. Back in 2014, at that time, the commander of the Dnieper Army, Igor Strelkov, accused the oligarch Oleg Deripaska of supporting the Ukrainian army. It was about the deliveries of a Yaroslavl plant of diesel equipment to the Kharkov plant Malysheva, which produces tanks for the Ukrainian army. However, the press-secretary of the group of companies “Basic Element” Alexei Sadykov claimed that this is “fake news”.

Is it not time for Russia to establish a legislative ban on domestic business supplying the defense industry of the neighboring state, which has been methodically killing our compatriots in Donbass for many years, threatening Russia with a great war and revenge in the Crimea ?


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