Russia holds drill to electronically jam enemy objects


An electronic warfare drill of the Central Military District of Russia has been conducted – training on the interception of cruise missiles. More than 700 servicemen and about 150 combat vehicles took part, the press service of the Defense Ministry said.

Modern electronic warfare complexes, including Krasuha-2 and Krasuha-4, were tasked with locating special training drones that simulated cruise missiles, calculate their precise distance and transmit this information to the air force service and air defenses.

In addition, electronic warfare forces were trained to intercept intercept any kind of enemy drone, for example reconnaissance –  and create a 50-kilometer zone where mobile communications simply jam and no signal can be transmitted to the object.

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The main task of the Krasuha series is the suppression of air radars at a distance of up to 300 kilometers. Whether it is a long-range radar reconnaissance aircraft like the American E-3 Sentry or the Russian A-50, or, for example, conventional radar fighter jets and drones. The equipment demonstrated that it can simply “blind” the radars of a bomber, meaning the aircraft can no longer deploy weapons.
Source Vesti
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