Russia may fine pregnant women for smoking and drinking


The Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region is preparing a number of draft laws that provide for punishment for those who sell alcohol and tobacco to pregnant women , as well as for women themselves who smoke and consume alcohol or drugs during pregnancy.

It is proposed to impose a fine of up to one million rubles ($15,000 USD) for selling these products to pregnant women. A pregnant woman who consumes alcohol, drugs or tobacco, will have to pay a fine of 4 to 5 thousand rubles ($80 USD). These measures may be introduced to protect the health of the child and mother.

In cases where the pregnancy is not obvious, the vendor could ask for a document “to establish the absence of pregnancy.” (We foresee cases of simple overweight issues becoming a nuisance, for example.) Such a document can be a medical certificate issued no more than a month before the date of purchase.

According to the bill, pregnant women who violate the ban on the use of tobacco and alcohol may be required to attend compulsory counselling dedicated to preventative healthcare.  
Would such a law be too paternalistic or to the contrary, protects the rights of the child in appropriate measure?
Source Vesti
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