Russia officially overtakes US submarine count and capability

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The US journal Popular Mechanics has called the submarine fleet of the Russian Navy a “tough nut to crack”. At the moment, its armament consists of 72 submarines – this is one more submarine than the US fleet.

The author of the article notes that in the Russian Navy there are not only nuclear submarines and submarines armed with cruise missiles, but also other devices for special operations.

The submarine “Sarov” was named by the publication as a “frightening” product, as it is apparently used as a platform for the “Status-6” nuclear complex. It can bypass the US missile defense system, and can attack the coastal US areas with a 100-megaton nuclear warhead torpedo.

The article also noted the existence of two floating bases of the projects 667BDR Kalmar and 667BDRM Dolphin, which service submarines. Also, Russia has diesel-electric submarines, which the United States does not have, special submarines of the Kashalot project, and nuclear-powered deepwater stations Nelma and AS-12.

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Earlier Business Insider magazine reported on the capabilities of the Russian Navy weapons, calling them  “weapons of judgment day”.

The sophistication of Russian military technology is nothing new – a part of it was inherited from the Soviet Union military industrial know-how, while the other part is due to extensive planning and investment over the past decade. However the point of interest is that the US military budget is ten times that of Russia’s. Where is the money going?

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