Russia slams Croats over Jasenovac row with Serbia

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BELGRADE, Serbia – The Russian Federation, despite its nominal line of supporting improved relations with Croatia, has made its interests and positions known with regard to the Serbia-Croatia row which threatens to escalate if Croatia is unable to arrive at a sensible position with regard to its WWII war-crimes. 

“The cowboy tactics of unlawful sanctions and prohibitions seem to spread as an infection. In diplomacy, such moves leave no choice, provoking inevitable countermeasure.”

All this leads to even more chaos in international relations and in the region, said Ambassador of the Russian Federation Aleksandar Chepurin.

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To recall, Serbia introduced reciprocal (counter) measures to Croatia. Namely, the Government of Serbia declared that Deputy Prime Ministers of the Croatian Government and Defense Minister Damir Krsticevic were no longer welcome in Serbia, as a reciprocal response to the decision of the Croatian MVEP to ban entry of the Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin in the Croatia to pay respects to Serbs systematically murdered at the Jasenovac concentration camps at the hands of the Nazi puppet state of Croatia during WWII.


with text translated by Marija Flores from
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