Russia to publish Theresa May correspondence, showing inane Kremlin-phobia

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Russia plans to publish the correspondence of British Prime Minister Theresa May when she was in the leadership of the country’s Interior Ministry.

“Today, we will provide you with copies of individual documents from relevant criminal cases, including correspondence from the UK Ministry of Internal Affairs, directly with Ms May during her duties as Interior Minister of the country,” said Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Sahak Karapetyan.

According to him, at that time, Britain rejected the largest number of requests from Russia for extradition of criminals. London refused to extradite 60 people at the request of Moscow, of which 55 were granted refugee status or asylum in the UK. These people are known criminals, some even have a murder verdict against them.

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We guess they come in useful to some other party.

Source Ruposters
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