Russian Embassy slams Sweden’s statements about Skripal case

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Moscow will not allow anyone to make ultimate-like demands of explanation in the Skripal case, A source in the Russian embassy in Sweden told TASS that Russia will now allow anyone to make ultimatum’s to explain the Skripal case in response to  a statement made by Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven and Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom.

The Swedish leaders claimed that Moscow is likely to have poisoned the Skripal’s and must make explanations.

“Although Great Britain has not provided a single evidence to prove its allegations against Russia, Stockholm has once again flatly accused Moscow of challenging the international legal order,” the source said.

“It is perfectly clear that Sweden has brushed aside the principle of presumption of innocence, choosing to act on the principle that goes ‘let the one accused explain himself,’ instead of asking London to explain its accusations against Russia,” the source continued to say to TASS.

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“Moscow will not be a sacrificial goat for anyone and will not allow anyone to make ultimate-like demands of explanation,” the source added.


“We believe that Sweden’s decision to expel a Russian diplomat in solidarity with Great Britain is unacceptable, groundless, unprecedented and unforgivable. Sweden may have to regret its hasty decision to follow the misinterpreted principle of alliance solidarity while ignoring the truth and common sense,” the Russian embassy said.


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