Russian General states “war would definitely end with use of nuclear weapons”

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Ex-chief of the international treaty management of the Russian Defense Ministry lieutenant-general  Yevgeny Buzhinsky has spoken to the American magazine The National Interest.

The military is convinced that the current situation is more dangerous than during the Cold War.

I always say that it’s worse now! During the Cold War everything was clear: an ideological confrontation, but there were certain truths, there was a line that you don’t cross, no threats, no sanctions.

An open armed confrontation between Moscow and Washington can occur in Syria, the general says. He recalled the statement of the chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov, who threatened with a full-scale military response in the event that the United States strikes Damascus. There are Russian servicemen there.

“I do not think he joked or made a statement specifically to surprise some Americans. No, I’m absolutely sure that he spoke seriously,” explained Buzhinsky, adding that the open confrontation between Moscow and Washington “will definitely end with the use of nuclear weapons.”

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The lieutenant general also shared his opinion about the poisoning of ex-colonel of the GRU Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia in British Salisbury. In his opinion, this is nothing more than a “planned provocation” of London, whose goal is to demonize and isolate Russia, to find a pretext for the expulsion of Russian diplomats.

Believe me, President Putin is the last person on Earth who would attempt such a terrible act on the eve of the Russian presidential elections and on the eve of the World Cup.

He admitted that the motive of the British side is incomprehensible to him, but he suggested that the actions of Great Britain in the “case of Skripal” are coordinated with Washington.

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