Russian ships head out to sea from Tartus base


Novorosinform reports:
Tartus. In the first picture there are seven Russian warships ships standing in the docks, two anti-sabotage ships of the project 21980 Grachonok and two submarines of the Kilo class. In the second picture, dated April 11, most of the ships have already left the docks, only one submarine is still in port. According to the portal, Russian ships are redeployed to the sea because of the allegedly planned air strikes of the United States on Syria.

Recall that the day before, on April 11, Su-34 VKS Russia in Syria, went up in the air with anti-ship missiles X-35U.

On April 10, the head of the State Duma Defense Committee, General Vladimir Shamanov guaranteed a retaliatory strike in the event of an attack by the United States on Syria.

Russia’s permanent representative to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, said that Russia has warned Washington through all channels about the serious consequences of a possible US military strike against Syria.

As a result, the next day, British Prime Minister Teresa May denied US President Donald Trump a joint blow on Syria.

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On the same day, the US president wrote two inconsistent messages on Twitter at intervals of several minutes. Trump threatened to strike another missile attack on Syria and urged Moscow to prepare for its repulse.

But half an hour later he called on Moscow to stop the arms race and said that Russia and America can develop together.

In addition, the US raised the E-4B Nightwatch on board in the event of a nuclear war.

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