Russians disable our aircraft daily – American general

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“US troops in Syria are increasingly being attacked using Russian and Syrian electronic warfare, as Moscow uses the conflict to test its future arsenal.”  This is written by the American weekly news magazine Newsweek , quoting the words of the chief of the General Directorate of Special Forces of the US Defense Department, Thomas Raymond, who said that Syria has become “the place where the most intense electronic warfare takes place”.

“Speaking at a conference on aerogeodetic reconnaissance in Florida, General Thomas said that Russian and Syrian government forces” are testing us every day, destroying our communication systems, disabling our [EC-130] aircraft, ” the publication notes. .

The publication specifies that this aircraft is one of the most advanced American systems for electronic warfare, and its presence in Syrian airspace gives Russia the opportunity to test its weapons on the best systems available in the US, either directly or through its Syrian allies.

“Earlier this month, four officials, on condition of anonymity, told NBC News that Russia is also regularly attacking small American reconnaissance UAVs. According to one of them, the operations conducted by Russia have a noticeable negative impact on the capabilities of the United States. Attacks using the latest tools have been successful even in cases when US troops used encrypted signals and noise-immune systems, ” Newsweek says.

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In addition, with reference to the International Center for Defense and Security Problems, it is stated that “in response to NATO’s domination of conventional weapons, Moscow is making huge investments in EW assets.”

“Attacks using electronic warfare are politically more acceptable than conventional ones. The elimination of the system of jamming of a reconnaissance aircraft is associated with fewer risks than its destruction with a missile. Moscow – along with other powers fighting in Syria – is expanding its electronic presence, gathering information about its own capabilities and the response of its opponents.

Source Politnavigator
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