Saudi Arabia claims Iran ‘is dangerous’ at Arab League meeting


DHAHRAN, Saudi Kingdom – Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz opened the 29th Arab League Summit in the city of Dhahran on Sunday, where representatives from 22 countries are meeting to discuss political, economic and social developments in the region.

In his opening speech, King Salman criticized Iranian influence on Arab countries, saying that it violates ‘the principles of international law and the values of good neighborliness.’

He also called on the international community to take ‘a firm and a strong position’ against Tehran’s ‘dangerous behavior.’ Saudi Arabia and Iran are engaged in a cold war across the region where they back opposing sides in Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. Iran not only blocks Saudi hegemony over the region, it also says it is engaged in an anti-imperialist struggle in the Middle East and that Saudi Arabia is subservient to the American Empire.

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Besides tensions with Iran, issues in Palestine, Syria and Yemen are expected to be in focus of this year’s meeting.

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