SDF soldier at US ‘base’ in Manbij claims US would fight Turkey

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MANBIJ, Syria – Two Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) soldiers positioned in a new American base in Manbij in northern Syria confirmed they are working in coordination with Washington against Turkish operations in the area.

The SDF are backed by the US and are led by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

“This base is for the Coalition, it was established a year ago. It was established to counterattack the Turkish threat. The Coalition is here for the Turks,” an SDF fighter said.

“They [the Americans] are preparing for the aircrafts and protecting the fronts here, (the preparations) are on land and in the sky, so that they would be ready in case an assault happens,” he continued.

“This is due to the threatening of Turkey and its supporters, they are threatening Manbij every couple of days (saying) “we are going to come to Manbij”. The coalition came and erected a base here to confront any attacks by Turkey or otherwise,” he added.

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A journalist then asked the fighter if the US will help them defend Manbij against Turkish aggression.

“I expect they will not change their minds, they are 100 percent determined. They established the bases, it is not a joke, not a fluctuation of the mind. They are steadfast, and they are enhancing their forces more and more. There are heavy weapons and there are weapons that can encounter all the available weapons.”

The journalist then asked that “in case of a Turkish attack over Manbij, would the American forces or the International Coalition join your forces in combating the Turkey and Euphrates Shield?”

“Yes of course, for sure,” the fighter responded.

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