Serbia is re-arming with Russian weapons

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The Armed Forces of Serbia will purchase Russian military equipment. The defense ministers of the two countries, Alexander Vulin and Sergei Shoigu, discussed the possibility of supplying the Republic with four multipurpose Mi-17 helicopters, as many MI-35s, as well as BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles.

In addition, Serbia plans to continue to purchase MiG fighters and T-72 tanks. As Vulin said, the army of the Serbia is rearming, as it is necessary to be prepared for the “worst developments.” Moreover, a strong Serbian army is a guarantee of stability in the Balkans.

Russia will also transfer four combat training aircraft Yak-130 to Belarus and a battery of anti-aircraft missile systems “Tor-M2”. The contract is signed and the customer has already paid the advance.

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 Earlier, Russia supplied the neighboring state with four batteries of “Torov” and signed a contract for 12 multi-purpose Su-30SM fighters. Its cost is estimated at $600 million. The customer will receive new combat aircraft in about a year’s time.
Source Vesti
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