Shoigu accuses US and NATO of having 10,000 troops on the Russian border

NATO uses the myth of a "Russian threat" for its own planned upgrade, said Schoigu

NATO war games
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Via Sputnik Germany: Russia’s defense minister accuses the US and its NATO partners of deploying a 10,000-strong attack force on Russia’s western border.

“A 10,000-strong contingent equipped with all types of attack equipment is positioned in the Baltic States and in Poland,” Schoigu said Wednesday at the International Security Conference in Moscow.

“The North Atlantic Alliance is carrying out more and more exercises with a decidedly anti-Russian character.”

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NATO uses the myth of a “Russian threat” for its own “planned” upgrade, said Schoigu. According to him, since the beginning of this year Russia has had to send fighter jets more than 20 times* to intercept foreign military aircraft off the border. After the pro-Western overthrow of Ukraine in early 2014 and the secession of the Crimea, NATO has been increasing its military presence in front of Russian western border.

*Translator note: Russian military journal Red Star reports that last week alone, Russian jets intercepted 19 foreign recon planes at Russia’s borders.

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