Something is very wrong and not adding up with the chemical attack site in Syria’s Duma


EAST GHOUTA, Syria – The world is on edge with a potential conflict between the United States and Russia over an alleged chemical weapon attack that happened in the East Ghouta suburb of Duma to the east of Syria’s capital city of Damascus.

Although no evidence has been put forward to suggest that an attack occurred or that the Syrian government was responsible, US President Donald Trump is prepared to further destablize the entire Middle East region by attacking Syria, in which Russia has drawn a red line and Iran has vowed to fight back alongside the Syrian military.

However, in a series of Tweets by @tarek_007, he has raised some serious questions on things that do not add up at the alleged chemical attack site.

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It must be remembered that Russia has spoken to local civilians, doctors and conducted tests including from soil samples and cannot find any reports or traces of chemicals.

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