Syrian brothers restore war-torn church in Aleppo to former glory – VIDEO

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ALEPPO, Syria – Brothers and artists Nemat and Basheer Badawi began the arduous task of restoring an Aleppo church to its former glory, footage released on Wednesday shows.

The artists managed to complete their mission within 100 days, painstakingly touching up iconic murals in the Syrian Catholic Church after it was partly destroyed during the ongoing civil war.

The mural in question, The Assumption of Mary, shows the Virgin Mary ascending into heaven surrounded by angels and is commonly depicted in Christian iconography.

“We’re very happy that in Aleppo, after all this trauma and the horrific war, there are still some people who believe in projects like this which will revive the city in a beautiful way,” said Nemat.

Such an undertaking does not come without difficulties. Resources such as electricity and paint are scarce in the aftermath of war.

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“We faced some difficulties which were basically because of the city itself, the city is still in the recovery process after war, the issue of electricity, the appointments and the lack of materials,” he said.

The Badawi brothers are painting the mural on a surface of around 700 square meters on the church’s dome, which reaches over 43 metres (141 feet) in height, reports say.

Life is slowly returning to normal in the war-torn city, which was liberated from the self-proclaimed Islamic State during a five-week-long offensive conducted by the Syrian Armed Forces and its allies in late 2016.

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