Syrian presidential advisor confirms: ready for war and nerves of President Assad calm and solid

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DAMASCUS, Syria – The political and media adviser to the Syrian President Dr. Buthaina Shaaban said this evening that Syria is not afraid of the war threatened by the United States of America, saying “we will be ready if it occurred.”

In an interview on Al-Mayadeen TV, Shaaban considered that the liberation of the Eastern Ghouta represents a decisive point in the course of the global war on Syria, describing what is happening recently in the psychological war through which the West wants to show strength after its failure, adding that foreign countries pay money to undermine a member state In the United Nations.

The political and media adviser to President al-Assad said that the results of the war in Syria, produced options contrary to the Western orientation, which is the axis against its policies, as it says, pointing out that “this axis includes Russia, China, Syria and Hezbollah, a pact for the future.”

Shaaban said that the US threats to Syria are trying to raise the ceiling in order to gain gains, stressing that consultations continue between Syria’s allies and they will not leave it going as Washington wants.

According to Shaaban, the axis of resistance has its options and acts quietly and not subject to the language of intimidation against it, pointing to the existence of a contradiction in the US statements between the White House and the Ministries of Defense and State Department.

He stressed that the rules of engagement have changed in favor of Damascus, and continued: “Today we are much better than we were in the past.”

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Shaaban pointed out that the victory of Syria will change the map of the region and the world, stressing that Israel, which is seeking to prolong the war inside Syria will be the biggest loser.

Shaaban said that Syria and Russia have made preparations after the recent aggression on Tifour airport, stressing that Damascus and its allies are on alert, and that Israel is the main fan of aggression against Syria.

In response to the words of the Crown Prince of the Saudi regime Mohammed bin Salman on the possibility of his country’s participation in a possible attack on Syria, Shaaban said that bin Salman is a partner since 2011 in the war on Syria by financing and arming terrorists, adding that some Arab countries have become in the Israeli row, Raises the ambitions of others in Syria, according to Shaaban.

She also described France’s rejection of any relationship with Turkey “involved in the shedding of Syrian blood” to stop its expression, stressing that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad always deals with developments with strong and calm nerves.

Translated from Breaking News.

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