The biggest victim of the 64 coup was the future of the Brazilian people

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – After 54 years since the end of the military coup there are still nostalgic Brazilians who think that the coup “saved” Brazil from an imaginary communist threat and that everything was good at the time. Leaving aside certain common leftist positions, despite a cold assessment of the coup and the 20 years of dictatorship, it can only be negative.

Besides the fact that there was no communist threat at the time, it is already proven that the coup of 64 was the result of a coordination between the American intelligence, under President Kennedy’s own command, and the Brazilian parasite caste, involving generals, businessmen, landowners and journalists.

Such coordination did not come as an isolated event, but in an international context of blows against governments that might be trying to undertake non-aligned development strategies. From Perón’s Argentina to Sukarno’s Indonesia, the only countries that did not go through this were those who rushed to fully align with either side in the Cold War.

For Brazil this meant, in essence, a brake on labor, which aimed to promote a developmentalism whose benefits did not benefit only 1%, but the people as a whole. It was the burial of agrarian reform projects and the limitation of capital remittances, and the opening of Brazil to usury speculation on financial capital.

It is a fact that the military elite was not ideologically monolithic and that there were several factions in conflict in the military sectors. Nevertheless, even military developmentalism was a mockery, a flawed strategy based on frantic indebtedness whose interest we are still paying half a century later. The positive results of this developmentalism, therefore, ended up being unsustainable.

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Although nothing compared to the demoliberal prey established from Sarney and the “cultural bananism” parachuted by the Old Republic, the seeds of most of the Brazilian contemporary ills and problems were planted during the military regime.

Organized crime, urban violence, real estate and financial speculation, perpetual bondage to public debt interest, concentration of income, swelling and multiplication of latifundia. It’s all there.

It is necessary to bury the myths of 64.

Translated from Nova Resistencia.

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