The Brits used Novichok incorrectly – chemist


It did not make sense to use the poisoning substance Novichok in England  on March 4, when there was a high fog in Salisbury. The substance has a high hydro-vulnerability – it is inefficient in a humid environment. This was stated by Vil Mirzayanov, a chemist who calls himself one of the creators of Novichok. The use of the substance in conditions of humidity “could only be done by an idiot,” he said.

Mirzayanov’s words were a response to the report of the OPCW’s experts on the case of poisoning of the former GRU officer Sergey Skripal and his daughter. The document says that the poisonous substance was of purie, but its name and composition are not indicated. This data are only in the “complete and classified report”, available only to members of the OPCW.

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Source Vesti
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