The Glory of Syria is too powerful for the weak hearted to comprehend – Opinion


BEIRUT, Lebanon – The victory of Syria only matters to those who refuse to put a smile on the faces of Zionists, terrorists and Imperialists.

Syria is only the concern of those who appreciate its rich culture, its astonishing history and its determined support for the resistances in the region, while the other side’s only concern is Assad and not Syria.

If you truly cared for Syria you would’ve known what is best for the country and its people and not justify any western aggression there from the same regimes that you and I know want Syria to be another Libya and Iraq. It amazes me that you think we believe the “I care for Syria” rubbish coming out of your mouth while we all know it is a disguise to either your sectarian or political loathe for Assad whom you heard of when Al-Jazeera and CNN orchestrated your daily news consumption.

After 7 years of a Global and Destructive war some still choose to be blind and hold on to their unexplained grudge towards Syria and its people. Yes its people. Because the few refugees you met days ago with political affiliations and no proof of their allegations against the government do not represent the resistant people of Syria. It’s just their word against the other. And the 2.5 million Syrians held in “rebel” territories don’t speak on behalf of the 18 million Syrians in Government held regions.

The people of Syria you claim that you care for democratically elected Assad as their president (of the 15 million Syrians eligible to vote almost 11 million voted for Assad) legitimately under UN law, you know, the same organisation that you refer to as a source when it come to “Assad crimes”. Feel like a hypocrite yet?.

And what? You have videos of “Assad crimes” from Al Qaeda linked groups?

We have videos of “Rebel” crimes against civilians. So that’s just your evidence against mine.
The battle in Syria goes beyond your limited stances on a President, it is a battle between chaos and stability, between the Zionist axis and the resistance axis whether you believe so or not.

You choose your camp.

One day you will regret being part of the media war against the liberation of Syria. If you do not question yourself after all these years, then you are either in denial or an enemy of resistance and you belong in the Zionist camp.


The article originates from a Facebook post made by Hadi Nasrallah, an independent political commentator and researcher.

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